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Air compressors

KOMPBERG consists of the comprehensive compressor:

KOMPBERG ZXF is an oil-free screw compressor with an air-cooled system with an output of 55 kW to 132 kW and KOMPBERG ZWF is an oil-free screw compressor with a water-cooled system. They are one of the best of BERG Kompressoren.

KOMPBERG BSD as a direct drive screw compressor from 5 kW - 250 kW, KOMPBERG BSDF direct drive screw compressor with inverter, which saves 38% more energy with a range of 11 kW - 250 kW as well.

KOMPBERG BKB as a high-pressure piston compressor with 22 kW or its twin version with double 22kW use mostly for PET application and finally the KOMPBERG BPD as high qouality portable diesel compressor - MOBILAIR - with a total capacity of 4 m3 / min - 24.8 m3 / min, which are really competitive on the market.