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KORUND a specialized Russian company in Ultra-thin thermal insulation .

The company Makes the top of the first Russian companies of manufacturing Ultra-thin thermal Insulation coatings.

Ultra slim insulation KORUND consists of high quality acryl substance, originally developed composition of catalysts and fixers, To the basic composition of the material special supplements are added, which exclude the appearance of corrosion on the metal surfaces forming at increased humidity medium on concrete surfaces.

Its combination makes the material light, flexible, elastic, possessing excellent adhesion to the covered surface. The material consistency resembles ordinary paint – suspension of white color, which could be laid on every surface. After drying up elastic polymeric layer is ormed, which compared to conventional insulators possesses unique heat insulating properties and assures anticorrosion protection. 

KORUND® is highly effective for the heat insulation of the facades of buildings, roofs, internal walls, slopes of windows, concrete sections, conduits of hot and cold water supply, steam pipelines, air ducts for the systems of air conditioning, cooling systems, different capacities, cisterns, trailers, refrigerators and the like it is used for averting the formation of condensate on the pipes of cold water supply and for the highly effective heat insulation of the conduits of heating and hot water supply.

* Let you reduce:

1. Building expenses (one brick wall is ten times expensive than 1 mm of coat).

2. Weight of construction.

3. Expenses for heating and air conditioning.

4. Exhaust gases emission to atmosphere.

* Let you increase:

1. Boilers, turbines, air condition machine effect.

2. Life time of buildings (due to against moisture protection).

3. Life time of people (due to moisture and bacteria development preventing).

4. Safety of personal busy with hot piping and armature.  



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